This was created as my first ever and soon became my logo across.. It represents my energy at all levels. The seed of which is the sunflower that represents joy with the colors of the sacred lotus, which resonates with the energy at many levels. The vibrant colors depict the wisdom and knowledge spreading without boundaries like the ‘Rays’ which is the true meaning of my name “kiran” which means a cosmic ray in Hindu origin. Spreading the light of wisdom, joy, happiness and denotes free spiritedness.


This represents the love energy that I do my healings and channeling with.. Celebrating the love that I am and feel unconditionally. A beautiful representation of the love energy.


Inspired on our 11th wedding anniversary.. Represents the sun and moon balance within and in our intimate relationship. The rainbow energy of the sun that reflects on the beautiful moon and the serene love of the moon that enhances the power of the sun. A marriage of energies creating Ultimate Divine Balance.   Lots more creativity flowing…


Life is learning was the motto of my school in Mumbai – Learners Academy. This beautiful teaching attracted me into the knowledge and learning world throughout life and continues to do do. This represents all the learnings.. Growth in wisdom through numerous teachers and teachings. A learning journey.


Beautiful representation of abundance.. Of joy, love, prosperity, peace, success.. The Universe has abundance of energy , all we have to do is receive it with grace and gratitude.


This is Kevala inspired .. The founder and spiritual head of the Kevala foundation Dr Pradeep Ullal.. Pra (Pradeep) ki (energy in Japanese) created PRAKI. The sun spreading light with the crystal eye lotus master. A balanced male-female energy.

Flower of life

It is a common symbol of many spiritual and religious teachings around the world. The Flower of Life has been found all over the world in many different religions. It is one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man. It is a geometrical shape that is made up of multiple overlapping circles of the same size. It depicts everything about the Universe, in Space and time. Sacred Geometry of Existence.

Zuri ( Dubai)

I have known Kiran for a while now. However, its my recent SRT and Reiki sessions that has helped shift and transform me.  I had several blocks that were apparent in the SRT session, these included but were not limited to Family, Past lives, Past relationships, Current Relationships as well as Financials. It was 2 weeks after my first session that i realized you can actually cut chords and it works and it gives you a sense of freedom from shackles i didn’t even know exist.

I had no confidence in the start on what direction my life will take. However, one after the other i started to experience detachment from certain situations and people I could have never imagined that i could detach from.

I started to meet so many people out of the blue that wanted to help me further my business, connect with others to help reach certain business goals. Landed a job by taking that first step of texting an old friend who worked for a recruitment agency 3 weeks later a job offer signed.

Don’t get me started on the Relationship front. I needed to detach and move on, and a person i couldn’t imagine taking my next breath without was beautifully released with love allowing my life to flow and new relationships to blossom. Thats all i am going to say about this!!!

Financials have improved, my revenues have started to slowly pick up in my business. An opportunity that was put on hold by investors is now again on the table. I have had more than 2 investors meet me to help boost my online business and put a strategy together for a sustainable and maximized potential business plan..

More than all of this. She has by example made me want to flow, evolve and ascend. She motivates me to want to dance, go for walks on the beach, lay in the grass, send love to people who mean me harm and more….

Kiran is an angel, she has helped me shine and flow, i will miss her truly but i am sure she is now going to build her school of happiness and impact hundreds of thousands of people……


When you self heal or any Reiki healer heals you, the aches n pains just disappear, it’s magical the way the energy flows through ur chakras n makes you feel so good n energetic n powerful. Keep up this goodness and positive teachings and healing and reach great heights on this path,my blessings are with you always, GOD BLESS..

Importance of gymnastics

Gymnastics when started early probably at age four is an excellent practice to attain mind and body balance In turn creating harmony and peace in young children. There is more to gymnastics as it provides overall psychological balance which is an excellent form to help with other activities as well.
My daughter is a gymnast and I personally see tremendous positive effects as she seems to be very active at all times. Her reasoning power and openness at heart too is a result of regular gymnastics. The fears seem to not be there either. It provides strength and core balance which helps with further growth mentally and spiritually in all aspects of life.
‘Handstands’ and upside down flips, back bends rush the blood and energy flow into the head and crown which scientifically proven are brain stimulators.
It is advisable for both genders to get into gymnastics young, as the body is easy to mould at that age. As kids there are more bones in the body hence more flexibility. As one grows older, the bones infuse and thus become lesser in count. If started later, the flexibility gets a bit more challenging to achieve plus the fears kick in of falling and hurting oneself.
Gymnastics is beautiful to watch as well.