Benefits of Staying Raw

The mega benefits of including raw foods in your daily diet are in numerous. To start with its important to know that as you heat food, most of the nutrients are lost in a few minutes of doing that. So whilst cooking, it makes sense to cover food while on heat to retain most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food being cooked.
Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are the easiest and quickest way for your body to absorb the goodness from foods and contrary to what’s been said and advertised, juices do not add extra sugar to your diet. It’s all a myth and not yet scientifically proven. Yes, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is great, but juices seem to provide larger nourishment to the system and is easily digested. Again, it depends on how you are juicing! I personally use a hand blender instead of a juicer; commercial juicers tend to waste a lot of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables.
Contrary to what has been said these thousands of years, breakfast shall ‘break you fast’ as researched and taught by Mr Chauhan. He propagates fasting until 12 noon and opening the ‘fast’ with a green leafy juice or watermelon juice alternately. Then staying completely raw, until 5 pm. Staying raw simply means eating fruits, vegetables and yummy raw food salads, raw rice flakes (soaked in water) with vegetables etc. He has concocted many raw food recipe books as well. Some other raw foodists too have. Then a cooked meal as dinner, and unlimited raw food snacking in between. What this seems to do is detox your body completely and rid any diseases lingering. I personally was cured of my long standing hypothyroid condition. I was on medication for 11 years, and five days on his raw food camp, and changing lifestyle on these lines, rid me of all my medications, including insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances and of course the annoying hypothyroid condition.. Lots of people have been cured of diabetes, arthritis , cancers too ! He does include at home enemas initially to flush out the ‘gunk’.
Do look it up
Lifestyle change, simple means including raw foods in all your meals. Preferably three quarters of your meals. For example if you are eating rice and curry, it’s nice to have a bigger portion of a nice raw food salad with it. Or eat a bowl of fruits ‘before’ this lovely meal.
Of course meat cannot be consumed raw, so vegetarianism/ veganism has its own benefits. Stay tuned for this information shortly.
Once, on this awareness journey, you will notice major energy shifts within you, as your body gets lighter, and healthier, you actually start to ‘live light’ and ‘love life’ because we are all divine and our body is the sacred place. It’s nice to love it, worship it and nourish it.
So get on the cleansing journey and notice the differences within you, hence around you in your own energy fields.

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