Does the soul have color?

Yes, indeed! The soul does have color and it changes as per current time in the soul journey. There are innumerous ways to find out what your soul color is.
First being; by just asking !
Yes, it is that simple. You ask and you shall receive is the basic key to understanding the working of the cosmos. You can get answers by simply closing your eyes and seeing the ‘color’ as light or by simply feeling it. The more connected you are within, the easier it is to ‘just know’.
Sometimes an affinity to a certain color to wear often denotes the soul color as the ‘Higher Self’ just knows and signals the sub conscious mind and hence the color outcome.
Most times, the color you attract in your surroundings, like home decor, wall colorings, car color choices denote the color too. This explains why people ‘get over’ the interiors of their space often.
Healers have a way of just seeing it in the auras of people. I have been using SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) as well to know in client sessions. As a channel, you bring in the answer without using your own energy but just simply channeling it. Also works in similar concepts of ‘you ask and you shall receive’ answers from your Higher Self.
What seems to be the significance of these colors for aware people is informative to know how the soul journey in this current lifetime is coming along. Let’s look at some information downloaded from the Universe.
RED: A passionate loving soul. Grounded deeply into the Mother Earth and human form.
ORANGE: A Knowledgeable and creative being. Connected deeply into the creative aspects of the journey.
YELLOW: An abundant, happy soul. A well balanced grounded being.
GREEN: A person who lives in the heart. A less logic driven being who feels more rather than think.
BLUE: A very aware being, constantly in a growth mode. More connection to the cosmos and the higher realms.
PURPLE: A seeker, usually on a path to creating their own path to freedom.
GOLD: A divine being, very connected within. Abundant with grace.
SILVER: An angelic being, abundant with grace and divine flow of energy within. A being of great service to humanity.
BROWN: A being in a healing period. Going through massive karmic cleanses to purify and come alive and rise.
BLACK: A shadow being. Unaware and unawakened. Buried by the darkness aspect of the Universe.
WHITE: An ascended being, back in this journey to ‘physically’ serve and in general a blissful soul having fun and celebrating life. Back to human form just for ‘fun’ and yet serving lifelong and realizing it in later years of life.
RAINBOW: a rare being who can take on any character or personality at free will. Such are the free spirited beings in Human forms. Wonderful lively beings serving unconditionally and have highly magnetic energy fields around them usually not able to be handled by most beings around. Mostly misunderstood by humans and a threat to fake ascending masters.

So have fun finding out which is your current soul color ? And remember it keeps changing at different periods in this beautiful soul journey ????????

Picture courtesy : Kiran-K-Sawlani art creations

Importance of gymnastics

Gymnastics when started early probably at age four is an excellent practice to attain mind and body balance In turn creating harmony and peace in young children. There is more to gymnastics as it provides overall psychological balance which is an excellent form to help with other activities as well.
My daughter is a gymnast and I personally see tremendous positive effects as she seems to be very active at all times. Her reasoning power and openness at heart too is a result of regular gymnastics. The fears seem to not be there either. It provides strength and core balance which helps with further growth mentally and spiritually in all aspects of life.
‘Handstands’ and upside down flips, back bends rush the blood and energy flow into the head and crown which scientifically proven are brain stimulators.
It is advisable for both genders to get into gymnastics young, as the body is easy to mould at that age. As kids there are more bones in the body hence more flexibility. As one grows older, the bones infuse and thus become lesser in count. If started later, the flexibility gets a bit more challenging to achieve plus the fears kick in of falling and hurting oneself.
Gymnastics is beautiful to watch as well.

How is Kriya Yoga different from Yoga ?

Yoga is yoga ! As many are aware, there are different forms of Yoga, hatha, ashtanga, power, Bikram etc etc. In these forms, postures are held for a certain amount of time and focus is on breathing and concentration into postures, hence a form of meditation as well. Which is great for beginners and advanced students and teachers working on balance of mind and body.
Kriya yoga is is movement of energy, vibrations and flow at mind, body and soul levels as it works on chakras (energy wheels), auras (energy bodies) and higher dimensions. During Kriya yoga, a lot of teachings happen by the facilitator whilst doing simple yet effective movements which are suitable for all levels of fitness and age. It focuses on intense breathing ‘Ujaya’ breath and thus releasing non required energies at levels and making room to receive newer flow from the Universe. It is an ancient Himalayan yogic science which is ‘true’ yoga.
Most yoga teachers are now including Kriyas in their routines.
Kriya yoga is a lot more than just that. Shifts happen in trances, and this is what Kriya yoga does. It shifts you ! It opens your receptacles and receptors to receive the abundance from the Universe, and aligns you and your body to channel this flow within. This is a divine process of Involution. Which in turn is the key process of evolution.
Kriya yoga sessions can last anywhere from one and half hours to two hours without even realizing the time passed by as it ends in beautiful ‘attunements’, alignments and deep meditations whilst the teachings are on and chanting too. No two Kriya yoga sessions are the same. It all flows with the energies of the people present in the ‘circle’, the ambience and beat of the moments. Kriya yoga heals at multi levels, rids diseases with regular practices and creates further balance and harmony. It is a true proven technique and loads of regular practitioners have been sharing their experiences on how their lives and health have shifted in a positive way.
It is a Simple and dedicated process of alignment at all levels. It’s the process of ‘Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana’. A complete process of power attainment to align and keep enlightened. Kriya yoga as taught by Dr Pradeep Ullal seems like a very ultimate level of yogi practice. It does come to you in divine time on your journey just like everything else comes to you. So if you wish to rise further and celebrate this flow, join a Kriya soul family. Check out
Do read up further on Mahaavatar Babaji, the immortal who is known to take up human forms from time to time. He’s known to work closely with Jesus at that time to help the World rise. Kriya yoga originated from his divine teachings. His transmissions are around in the higher teachers of this yogi world also called ‘Rishi’ and ‘Munni’. These teachers further transmit these energy waves and teachings happen in Kriya yoga sessions.
And loads of Yoga places are everywhere for regular forms of yoga known to humanity over a long period of time which too bring about harmony and decipline.
Yoga is fun, yoga is safe, yoga is a way of life. Breathe, balance and align and Rise. Be sure to celebrate every moment !

Benefits of Staying Raw

The mega benefits of including raw foods in your daily diet are in numerous. To start with its important to know that as you heat food, most of the nutrients are lost in a few minutes of doing that. So whilst cooking, it makes sense to cover food while on heat to retain most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food being cooked.
Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are the easiest and quickest way for your body to absorb the goodness from foods and contrary to what’s been said and advertised, juices do not add extra sugar to your diet. It’s all a myth and not yet scientifically proven. Yes, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is great, but juices seem to provide larger nourishment to the system and is easily digested. Again, it depends on how you are juicing! I personally use a hand blender instead of a juicer; commercial juicers tend to waste a lot of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables.
Contrary to what has been said these thousands of years, breakfast shall ‘break you fast’ as researched and taught by Mr Chauhan. He propagates fasting until 12 noon and opening the ‘fast’ with a green leafy juice or watermelon juice alternately. Then staying completely raw, until 5 pm. Staying raw simply means eating fruits, vegetables and yummy raw food salads, raw rice flakes (soaked in water) with vegetables etc. He has concocted many raw food recipe books as well. Some other raw foodists too have. Then a cooked meal as dinner, and unlimited raw food snacking in between. What this seems to do is detox your body completely and rid any diseases lingering. I personally was cured of my long standing hypothyroid condition. I was on medication for 11 years, and five days on his raw food camp, and changing lifestyle on these lines, rid me of all my medications, including insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances and of course the annoying hypothyroid condition.. Lots of people have been cured of diabetes, arthritis , cancers too ! He does include at home enemas initially to flush out the ‘gunk’.
Do look it up
Lifestyle change, simple means including raw foods in all your meals. Preferably three quarters of your meals. For example if you are eating rice and curry, it’s nice to have a bigger portion of a nice raw food salad with it. Or eat a bowl of fruits ‘before’ this lovely meal.
Of course meat cannot be consumed raw, so vegetarianism/ veganism has its own benefits. Stay tuned for this information shortly.
Once, on this awareness journey, you will notice major energy shifts within you, as your body gets lighter, and healthier, you actually start to ‘live light’ and ‘love life’ because we are all divine and our body is the sacred place. It’s nice to love it, worship it and nourish it.
So get on the cleansing journey and notice the differences within you, hence around you in your own energy fields.

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When you RISE, everything comes to you.

Yes, it’s true, when you rise.. Everything comes to you.
Rise where ?
Rise above this integrated manifested confusion state humanity has created to deviate us far from the ‘God’ connect.
What is God?
God is energy, within us, the energy that created us. We are children of God, hence we are God/Goddess in action.
We seem disconnected, as the cosmic higher beings have converted us into slaves. They keep introducing more and more distractions for humankind to be more and more lost in this wilderness and remain in lower energy fields. Hence the birth and death cycle continues; and the soul continues to live parallelly in the human realm for infinite lives until it reaches ‘liberation’.
So how do You liberate?
Rise! Rise in awareness, rise in consciousness, rise in life, rise in love. Just rise.
How do you rise ?
By aligning yourself.
How do you align yourself ?
By recognizing the enlightened being that you are and retaining the light within that illuminates.
How do you retain the illumination?
By working on yourself and your relationships and connections and with everyone with unconditional love and nourishment
Who is everyone ?
We are all one, there is no other !
What does that mean ?
We have created this reality of everyone and others within this entire illusion.
What is reality?
Reality is our mind creating this human life form in the fourth dimension of our existence.
What is an illusion ?
This human life is an illusion. These 100 years of human life are a mere Nano second of existence on the soul journey.
Really ?
Yes, pleas realize the cosmic joke ?
laugh instead of crying.
So are we slaves to the cosmic guys/beings?
Yes, only if you choose to suffer. If you rise, you are actually their friend! And one of them.
And why must I do all this ?
For your ultimate wellness while serving on this planet in human form
Am I guaranteed nirvana ?
No, there is no guarantee.. But yes, you are guaranteed a blissful journey.

Once you rise above, you notice the shifts and how the Universe supports you in every way. The Universe has tremendous respect of the aware and ascending beings. When you rise, it all comes to you, money, love, power, respect etc. You don’t have to chase it .. That’s the gift you get in return for your awareness and your mission to serve ‘others’ to also rise. Serve beyond expectation, serve with unconditional love, serve to help all of humankind ascend and in turn help the Earth ascend as well.
That is why from 2 humans (Adam and Eve) we are now 7+ billion and counting. The source is evolving too and so are we.
So ‘Involution’ leads to Ultimate evolution.
Go deep within as a process of Involution to rise. Celebrate each moment in this beautiful journey and keep in mind the cosmic joke ! Always. Stay light, stay bright, love life, live life light.

Image courtesy : Kiran-k-Sawlani mandala logos

What is Inner Dance Kriya ?

Kriya yoga is an ancient Himalayan yogic science that works on the body, meridians, chakras, aura levels and beyond. These levels are in the energy body within and around our physical body, hence the results work on soul levels to create alignment and maintain enlightenment. This comes to aware and enlightened beings who have been on higher journeys through many lifetimes.. Kriya yoga as taught by Dr Pradeep Ullal, Maha Shiv Yogi, Gama Master, head and founder of Kevala foundation, Chikmagalur, Karnataka; is a mix of breath work, martial art movements, meditations, energy healings, intense Kriyas on the path of ‘Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana’ , kundalini awakenings and rising. Please do visit and see a lot of videos and materials available to explain this further..
Inner Dance Kriya has been conceived by Love Energy Master Kiran-k-Sawlani as an extension and magnetic integration of Kriya combined with simple non choreographed moves to create a free flow movement to connect within. Which if labeled can be called ‘Inner Dance’. It’s like dancing with yourself. The intention of this conception is to reach out to seekers who are willing to shift, rise above human struggles and celebrate the beautiful journey while unblocking their energy fields over many lifetimes. It seems to be enjoyed by men, women and children. Special workshops for women only as well can be arranged;

To connect with feminity and divinity within and to accept and embrace ones sensuality and sexuality through intense intimate dance movements for women. For kids, it is all about staying connected with the pure innocence and not be affected by social conditioning. Children are taught basics of life, happiness, being, energy in a fun playful manner through dance movements. Men, being a lot more logical are handled with explanations in a scientific manner along with a strong intent to make shifts happen for the Highest Good. It’s all about letting go and teaching how not to hold onto it in the first place. It is very effective at all levels of existence and provides a blissful state of ‘being’ continuously with regular Dance Kriya practices. It is all energy work purely. Logic needs to take a break and the energy seems to flow. The auras of people shift as music and dance is easy to relate to by many more people and keeps the energy rising in a playful childlike manner. The meditations are meant to connect the individual within; still or active forms of meditations connect to music at all levels to rise further on this Ascension journey! It is the transmissions flowing through us ‘pipelines’ that conducts these teachings at unimaginable levels to penetrate into the psychic and aura levels of participants. It starts with creating circles; teachings and kriyas flow. Lots of intense breath work that culminates in divine meditations and sometimes ‘attunements’ at fine tuning levels. The dance that is incorporated is in between this flow, that opens up the energy fields to connect with the divinity and purity within. It truly is a cosmic celebration each time. Words cannot express the magic of Kriya and Inner dance Kriya. One must experience to know its true magic, and to understand the essence of fine tuning and true alignment of this beautiful instrument i.e. Our body and the energy fields within and around it.
Do connect to find sessions near you.. Or visit Kevala: The Celebration Centre, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India to experience it all first hand.