Distance Healing

We provide distance healing through different countries or within same cities for those not able to meet in person for various reasons. It works based on intent and reiki energy is channeled to receiver through some energy procedures and symbols in Reiki Light. Messages are thus communicated to receiver following session through email or messages. The time of healing too is advised to receiver.

All that is required to channel this healing is
Full name,
Place of birth
Date of birth
Current location

Any special requests for the healing sessions besides general balancing of chakras, welfare, and overall balance and happiness for the Highest Good of recipient. Intuitive the healer picks up further requests / or additional steps to facilitate stronger channeling and thus stronger healing at all levels.
No two sessions are ever the same for the individual or other individuals. There is uniqueness in each individual hence the healing session too is unique. It’s based on intent, faith and belief in Universal Energy. The purer and realized the healer, the outcome too is purer and more realized individual.
Please note: healers do not transmit their own energy or receive any energy from recipient. They are purely just channels / instruments to ‘channel’ universal energy to individuals. It’s pure divine healing. Nothing can ever go wrong with healing as it is for the Highest Good of all involved.