Does the soul have color?

Yes, indeed! The soul does have color and it changes as per current time in the soul journey. There are innumerous ways to find out what your soul color is.
First being; by just asking !
Yes, it is that simple. You ask and you shall receive is the basic key to understanding the working of the cosmos. You can get answers by simply closing your eyes and seeing the ‘color’ as light or by simply feeling it. The more connected you are within, the easier it is to ‘just know’.
Sometimes an affinity to a certain color to wear often denotes the soul color as the ‘Higher Self’ just knows and signals the sub conscious mind and hence the color outcome.
Most times, the color you attract in your surroundings, like home decor, wall colorings, car color choices denote the color too. This explains why people ‘get over’ the interiors of their space often.
Healers have a way of just seeing it in the auras of people. I have been using SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) as well to know in client sessions. As a channel, you bring in the answer without using your own energy but just simply channeling it. Also works in similar concepts of ‘you ask and you shall receive’ answers from your Higher Self.
What seems to be the significance of these colors for aware people is informative to know how the soul journey in this current lifetime is coming along. Let’s look at some information downloaded from the Universe.
RED: A passionate loving soul. Grounded deeply into the Mother Earth and human form.
ORANGE: A Knowledgeable and creative being. Connected deeply into the creative aspects of the journey.
YELLOW: An abundant, happy soul. A well balanced grounded being.
GREEN: A person who lives in the heart. A less logic driven being who feels more rather than think.
BLUE: A very aware being, constantly in a growth mode. More connection to the cosmos and the higher realms.
PURPLE: A seeker, usually on a path to creating their own path to freedom.
GOLD: A divine being, very connected within. Abundant with grace.
SILVER: An angelic being, abundant with grace and divine flow of energy within. A being of great service to humanity.
BROWN: A being in a healing period. Going through massive karmic cleanses to purify and come alive and rise.
BLACK: A shadow being. Unaware and unawakened. Buried by the darkness aspect of the Universe.
WHITE: An ascended being, back in this journey to ‘physically’ serve and in general a blissful soul having fun and celebrating life. Back to human form just for ‘fun’ and yet serving lifelong and realizing it in later years of life.
RAINBOW: a rare being who can take on any character or personality at free will. Such are the free spirited beings in Human forms. Wonderful lively beings serving unconditionally and have highly magnetic energy fields around them usually not able to be handled by most beings around. Mostly misunderstood by humans and a threat to fake ascending masters.

So have fun finding out which is your current soul color ? And remember it keeps changing at different periods in this beautiful soul journey ????????

Picture courtesy : Kiran-K-Sawlani art creations



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