How is Kriya Yoga different from Yoga ?

Yoga is yoga ! As many are aware, there are different forms of Yoga, hatha, ashtanga, power, Bikram etc etc. In these forms, postures are held for a certain amount of time and focus is on breathing and concentration into postures, hence a form of meditation as well. Which is great for beginners and advanced students and teachers working on balance of mind and body.
Kriya yoga is is movement of energy, vibrations and flow at mind, body and soul levels as it works on chakras (energy wheels), auras (energy bodies) and higher dimensions. During Kriya yoga, a lot of teachings happen by the facilitator whilst doing simple yet effective movements which are suitable for all levels of fitness and age. It focuses on intense breathing ‘Ujaya’ breath and thus releasing non required energies at levels and making room to receive newer flow from the Universe. It is an ancient Himalayan yogic science which is ‘true’ yoga.
Most yoga teachers are now including Kriyas in their routines.
Kriya yoga is a lot more than just that. Shifts happen in trances, and this is what Kriya yoga does. It shifts you ! It opens your receptacles and receptors to receive the abundance from the Universe, and aligns you and your body to channel this flow within. This is a divine process of Involution. Which in turn is the key process of evolution.
Kriya yoga sessions can last anywhere from one and half hours to two hours without even realizing the time passed by as it ends in beautiful ‘attunements’, alignments and deep meditations whilst the teachings are on and chanting too. No two Kriya yoga sessions are the same. It all flows with the energies of the people present in the ‘circle’, the ambience and beat of the moments. Kriya yoga heals at multi levels, rids diseases with regular practices and creates further balance and harmony. It is a true proven technique and loads of regular practitioners have been sharing their experiences on how their lives and health have shifted in a positive way.
It is a Simple and dedicated process of alignment at all levels. It’s the process of ‘Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana’. A complete process of power attainment to align and keep enlightened. Kriya yoga as taught by Dr Pradeep Ullal seems like a very ultimate level of yogi practice. It does come to you in divine time on your journey just like everything else comes to you. So if you wish to rise further and celebrate this flow, join a Kriya soul family. Check out
Do read up further on Mahaavatar Babaji, the immortal who is known to take up human forms from time to time. He’s known to work closely with Jesus at that time to help the World rise. Kriya yoga originated from his divine teachings. His transmissions are around in the higher teachers of this yogi world also called ‘Rishi’ and ‘Munni’. These teachers further transmit these energy waves and teachings happen in Kriya yoga sessions.
And loads of Yoga places are everywhere for regular forms of yoga known to humanity over a long period of time which too bring about harmony and decipline.
Yoga is fun, yoga is safe, yoga is a way of life. Breathe, balance and align and Rise. Be sure to celebrate every moment !



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