Importance of gymnastics

Gymnastics when started early probably at age four is an excellent practice to attain mind and body balance In turn creating harmony and peace in young children. There is more to gymnastics as it provides overall psychological balance which is an excellent form to help with other activities as well.
My daughter is a gymnast and I personally see tremendous positive effects as she seems to be very active at all times. Her reasoning power and openness at heart too is a result of regular gymnastics. The fears seem to not be there either. It provides strength and core balance which helps with further growth mentally and spiritually in all aspects of life.
‘Handstands’ and upside down flips, back bends rush the blood and energy flow into the head and crown which scientifically proven are brain stimulators.
It is advisable for both genders to get into gymnastics young, as the body is easy to mould at that age. As kids there are more bones in the body hence more flexibility. As one grows older, the bones infuse and thus become lesser in count. If started later, the flexibility gets a bit more challenging to achieve plus the fears kick in of falling and hurting oneself.
Gymnastics is beautiful to watch as well.



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