What is Inner Dance Kriya ?

Kriya yoga is an ancient Himalayan yogic science that works on the body, meridians, chakras, aura levels and beyond. These levels are in the energy body within and around our physical body, hence the results work on soul levels to create alignment and maintain enlightenment. This comes to aware and enlightened beings who have been on higher journeys through many lifetimes.. Kriya yoga as taught by Dr Pradeep Ullal, Maha Shiv Yogi, Gama Master, head and founder of Kevala foundation, Chikmagalur, Karnataka; is a mix of breath work, martial art movements, meditations, energy healings, intense Kriyas on the path of ‘Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana’ , kundalini awakenings and rising. Please do visit and see a lot of videos and materials available to explain this further..
Inner Dance Kriya has been conceived by Love Energy Master Kiran-k-Sawlani as an extension and magnetic integration of Kriya combined with simple non choreographed moves to create a free flow movement to connect within. Which if labeled can be called ‘Inner Dance’. It’s like dancing with yourself. The intention of this conception is to reach out to seekers who are willing to shift, rise above human struggles and celebrate the beautiful journey while unblocking their energy fields over many lifetimes. It seems to be enjoyed by men, women and children. Special workshops for women only as well can be arranged;

To connect with feminity and divinity within and to accept and embrace ones sensuality and sexuality through intense intimate dance movements for women. For kids, it is all about staying connected with the pure innocence and not be affected by social conditioning. Children are taught basics of life, happiness, being, energy in a fun playful manner through dance movements. Men, being a lot more logical are handled with explanations in a scientific manner along with a strong intent to make shifts happen for the Highest Good. It’s all about letting go and teaching how not to hold onto it in the first place. It is very effective at all levels of existence and provides a blissful state of ‘being’ continuously with regular Dance Kriya practices. It is all energy work purely. Logic needs to take a break and the energy seems to flow. The auras of people shift as music and dance is easy to relate to by many more people and keeps the energy rising in a playful childlike manner. The meditations are meant to connect the individual within; still or active forms of meditations connect to music at all levels to rise further on this Ascension journey! It is the transmissions flowing through us ‘pipelines’ that conducts these teachings at unimaginable levels to penetrate into the psychic and aura levels of participants. It starts with creating circles; teachings and kriyas flow. Lots of intense breath work that culminates in divine meditations and sometimes ‘attunements’ at fine tuning levels. The dance that is incorporated is in between this flow, that opens up the energy fields to connect with the divinity and purity within. It truly is a cosmic celebration each time. Words cannot express the magic of Kriya and Inner dance Kriya. One must experience to know its true magic, and to understand the essence of fine tuning and true alignment of this beautiful instrument i.e. Our body and the energy fields within and around it.
Do connect to find sessions near you.. Or visit Kevala: The Celebration Centre, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India to experience it all first hand.



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