When you RISE, everything comes to you.

Yes, it’s true, when you rise.. Everything comes to you.
Rise where ?
Rise above this integrated manifested confusion state humanity has created to deviate us far from the ‘God’ connect.
What is God?
God is energy, within us, the energy that created us. We are children of God, hence we are God/Goddess in action.
We seem disconnected, as the cosmic higher beings have converted us into slaves. They keep introducing more and more distractions for humankind to be more and more lost in this wilderness and remain in lower energy fields. Hence the birth and death cycle continues; and the soul continues to live parallelly in the human realm for infinite lives until it reaches ‘liberation’.
So how do You liberate?
Rise! Rise in awareness, rise in consciousness, rise in life, rise in love. Just rise.
How do you rise ?
By aligning yourself.
How do you align yourself ?
By recognizing the enlightened being that you are and retaining the light within that illuminates.
How do you retain the illumination?
By working on yourself and your relationships and connections and with everyone with unconditional love and nourishment
Who is everyone ?
We are all one, there is no other !
What does that mean ?
We have created this reality of everyone and others within this entire illusion.
What is reality?
Reality is our mind creating this human life form in the fourth dimension of our existence.
What is an illusion ?
This human life is an illusion. These 100 years of human life are a mere Nano second of existence on the soul journey.
Really ?
Yes, pleas realize the cosmic joke ?
laugh instead of crying.
So are we slaves to the cosmic guys/beings?
Yes, only if you choose to suffer. If you rise, you are actually their friend! And one of them.
And why must I do all this ?
For your ultimate wellness while serving on this planet in human form
Am I guaranteed nirvana ?
No, there is no guarantee.. But yes, you are guaranteed a blissful journey.

Once you rise above, you notice the shifts and how the Universe supports you in every way. The Universe has tremendous respect of the aware and ascending beings. When you rise, it all comes to you, money, love, power, respect etc. You don’t have to chase it .. That’s the gift you get in return for your awareness and your mission to serve ‘others’ to also rise. Serve beyond expectation, serve with unconditional love, serve to help all of humankind ascend and in turn help the Earth ascend as well.
That is why from 2 humans (Adam and Eve) we are now 7+ billion and counting. The source is evolving too and so are we.
So ‘Involution’ leads to Ultimate evolution.
Go deep within as a process of Involution to rise. Celebrate each moment in this beautiful journey and keep in mind the cosmic joke ! Always. Stay light, stay bright, love life, live life light.

Image courtesy : Kiran-k-Sawlani mandala logos



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