Zuri ( Dubai)

I have known Kiran for a while now. However, its my recent SRT and Reiki sessions that has helped shift and transform me.  I had several blocks that were apparent in the SRT session, these included but were not limited to Family, Past lives, Past relationships, Current Relationships as well as Financials. It was 2 weeks after my first session that i realized you can actually cut chords and it works and it gives you a sense of freedom from shackles i didn’t even know exist.

I had no confidence in the start on what direction my life will take. However, one after the other i started to experience detachment from certain situations and people I could have never imagined that i could detach from.

I started to meet so many people out of the blue that wanted to help me further my business, connect with others to help reach certain business goals. Landed a job by taking that first step of texting an old friend who worked for a recruitment agency 3 weeks later a job offer signed.

Don’t get me started on the Relationship front. I needed to detach and move on, and a person i couldn’t imagine taking my next breath without was beautifully released with love allowing my life to flow and new relationships to blossom. Thats all i am going to say about this!!!

Financials have improved, my revenues have started to slowly pick up in my business. An opportunity that was put on hold by investors is now again on the table. I have had more than 2 investors meet me to help boost my online business and put a strategy together for a sustainable and maximized potential business plan..

More than all of this. She has by example made me want to flow, evolve and ascend. She motivates me to want to dance, go for walks on the beach, lay in the grass, send love to people who mean me harm and more….

Kiran is an angel, she has helped me shine and flow, i will miss her truly but i am sure she is now going to build her school of happiness and impact hundreds of thousands of people……



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